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What is a Thai Body Work or Thai Massage ?

It is an incredible feeling to get up off the mat feeling so much lighter. I prefer calling this modality Thai Body Work as opposed to Thai Massage because it really is Body-Work.

Thai Body Work regards the body in a Holistic manner, meaning it looks at the body as one unit instead of individual parts.

You are fully clothed, on the floor on a mat. There are no gliding strokes or oils used.

Four basic positions are covered, the front position, the two sides, the back position, and finally the sitting position. Energetic work, Acupressure, Reflexology, and Compressions are combined in this two or three hour sessions. Trust me, it will never feel like two or three hours. Two hours will barely feel like an hour and a three hour will feel like an hour and a half. You may find Thai Body Work in different Spa’s around the world, usually in the form of a one hour or a one and a half hour session, and that is fine as long as you can get exposed to the feeling!

There are several different type of ‘styles’, i.e., Southern style, from Bangkok, Northern style, which is my training, from Chiang Mai, or Beach style, which can come from Phuket. There are so many wonderful different approaches to Thai Massage. There are many different schools in Thailand that cater to the world traveling student, giving classes in English and with great Masters.

Thai Body Work prices for three hours in Thailand will range anywhere from $6 to $10 U.S. If you go to one of the more luxurious spa or resorts there you can expect to pay anywhere between $80 to $150 per hour.


• Increased Range of Motion
• Lengthening of Muscle
• Increased Circulation
• Stimulates Internal Organs, Promotes Better Digestion, Relieves Constipation
• Body Awareness
• Relief of Pain, i.e. Arthritis
• Release of Toxins
• Moves the Energy
• Improves Lymphatic Circulation
• Centering of the Body with the Mind
• Emotional Release
• Encourages Deeper Sleep

Thai Body Work brings Balance back to the body. This is a wonderful modality for the Practitioner as well, because as we are stretching out the client, we get stretched out too! Double benefit. Try a Thai Massage/Body Work as soon as possible! You’ll wonder what took you so long to discover this fascinating modality!



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